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Oncology Skin & Body Care Services
Oncology skin services is a very specialized field of Esthetics. Ms Edwards is among a small percentage of licensed Estheticians in the US who are certified in this important field, designed specifically for clients who need a little extra TLC who may have or are undergoing oncology treatments such as chemo and radiation therapy.
Our facial treatments will soothe your skin, reduce inflammation and comfort your soul! So let go of your fears and beauty concerns simply give us a call and together we will bring you and your skin back to a harmonious state! 

Chemo Facial-Nourishing Support $65
A gentle, soothing facial for all skin types undergoing chemo therapy. The goal will be to soften and lift dead skin cells, while starting the strengthening and building process with vital antioxidants peptides and essential nutrients. 

Chemo Facial - Inflammation Support $65
A gentle, soothing facial for sensitive, inflamed skin undergoing chemotherapy. Strengthening and calming with vital anti-oxydants, peptides, essential nutrients and a custom blend of anti-inflammatory topicals, skin will be bathed with crucial hydration for healthier-looking skin. 

Chemo Facial - Pigmentation Support $65
A gentle, soothing facial for more oily, acne-prone, problematic skin undergoing chemotherapy. Balancing and strengthening with essential nutrients and vitamins and reducing redness. Skin will be immersed in crucial hydration and brighteners for radiant, healthy-looking skin. 

Fine lines * Wrinkles * Mature * Sun-Damaged Skin
This program is for women and men over 50 + with severe skin damage from sun exposure, smokers, women with deeper wrinkles and fine lines, women that look much older than they truly are!
If you are really serious about improving the overall look of your skin then this program is for you! 

This program includes 3 mid-depth peels, (one month apart)
3 Post-peel Cellular Rebalance treatments (week following peel)
6 of Helene's Uplifting Micro-current Facial (Muscle to11i11g) with LED light treatment.
One Post-peel Moisture complex is also included

(for Aging/Dry - Sun-Damaged - Sensitive/Rosacea -Acne/Oily - Skin of Color)
Add-ons Derma Lift (non-surgical facelift) + $50
Pressotherapy (30 min. leg massage) + $30 - $45 (with mud mask treatment)
Oxygen blast! + $15
LED (light treatment) + $20 

We are always adding Special Highly sought after Facials as part of our continuing education, please always feel free to ask.
Consultations with Helene and Dona are complementary and we are Honored to do evaluations of your skin for you.

                                                          Come Join us for "Spray Tan Fridays"!  $45.00
                For a beautiful natural glow by Heidi who is a true expert and she's Wildflowers approved !

 Our spray tan artist offers a variety of spray tanning solutions perfect for your skin and lifestyle
 Overnight solutions – Aloe-based solutions you rinse after about 8 hours (or overnight depending on when you have your appointment)
 Rapid rinse solutions – Alcohol-based solutions let you choose how deep the color is by rinsing after 1-4 hours. The longer you leave it on, up to 4 hours max, the deeper the color.
 Our solutions are made from all-natural ingredients
 Our solutions are safe and made from 100% natural ingredients
 While no spray tanning solution is 100% organic, our solutions are up to 85% organic
 No odor! We carry an odorless solution for those with sensitive noses.
 Highly trained technician
 Your tan is customized to your skin and body – no weird lines or blotchiness!
 Our technician has extensive training and several years’ experience in the spray tanning industry
 Her technique ensures a flawless application

Your visit will go something like this: A certified technician will greet you and bring you back to our spa area. After a brief consultation about your skin tone and expectations of your visit you will be free to choose what level of disrobing you prefer (most clients wear their bathing suits – our products wash out with zero staining on most fabrics. Please note: any client under age 18 is required to wear a bathing suit and must have a parent or guardian present). We provide disposable panties and bras, if you prefer.
Our technician will explain every step of the tanning process prior to and during your spray. You will see immediate bronzing results which then deepen to your perfect color over the next 24 hours depending on the solution you request. After your spray, you can get dressed and relax in our spa waiting room while enjoying a refreshing glass of water. Each visit takes about 45 minutes including about 15 minutes of consultation, dressing and prep time.

Body Treatments

Compression Seaweed or Mud Wrap $99
Vacuo-Massage with Pressotherapy
Seaweed Compression Wrap
Series of 8 $950
Eliminates hard cellulite and severe water retention
Vibrational Reflexology $65
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