Wellness Body Solutions

Muscle-Joint Soothing Wrap

Flush out toxins in the joints and help reduce inflammation and pain with this balancing treatment. Begins with a relaxing application of our Muscle-Ease detoxifying mud and the application of our pressotherapy body garment for a complete lymphatic drainage compression massage treatment. 

Duration: 1.25hr
Cost: $85

Seaweed Body Wrap 

Seaweed-63% protein, 8% minerals and a full spectrum of vitamins for the skin. One of the richest foods found on this planet, improving health as well as boosting the immune system. Seaweed was first used to treat arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain, over time users of this therapy began to notice a marked improvement in their overall condition and elasticity of the skin.
The colder winter months are a great time to get a seaweed wrap, helping to help removal of dead, itchy dry skin, firming, toning, and healing the skin. It also increases skin's ability to hold moisture and restores a radiant glow to dry skin. Begins with skin brushing, followed by the application of our warm seaweed mask and the application of our pressotherapy body garment and ends with our hydrating, toning body cream. 

Duration: 1.25hr
Cost: $125

Upper Body Stress Buster 
For the "stress zone" of the shoulders and back. A pack of warm detoxifying mud and calming aromatic oils softens sore muscles while you relax under our steamy towels. Followed by 20 minutes
focused vacuodermie massage lo release upper-body tightness. 

Duration: 1hr
Cost: $95

Shapely Healthy Legs
Say Goodbye to Cellulite Once and/or all! 
A total lymphatic drainage that uses a computer controlled compression system.The device has 12 separate chambers positioned around the legs. These focus on moving the venous and lymph flow, starting at the ankles and moving to the upper thighs. 

• enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance
• reduces bloating
• swelling and edema
• alleviates leg fatigue, and restless legs
• and improves oxygen flow through the whole body
• relaxes the body yet makes it feel invigorated.
This is a great treatment for those who experience fatigue, feel sluggish, retain fluid (edema), suffer from fibromyalgia, soreness after a sporting event, or chronic pain ... 

Restless Legs no morel 
Tired swollen legs and restless leg syndrome is a sign you need this treatment. The synergy of orange essential oil and caffeine with a hint of fulvic acid will stimulate your circulation and reduce your symptoms with the application of our pressotherapy unit leaving your legs feeling alive and refreshed.

Pressotherapy Seaweed/Mud Contouring Treatments 

Series of 8 sessions $640 ($80 ea. session)
Series of 15 $1050 (S70 ea. Session)
Series of 20 $1200 ($60. ea. session)
Monthly maintenance $85 

Vacuomohilization/Compression Seaweed Treatment
Our Signature Body Contouring program, for those needing serious help combining both Vacuo-Massage and Pressotherapy. 

Series of 8 S784 ($98 ea. session)
Series of 15 $1320 ($88 ea. session)
Monthly maintenance $108